Facilities & Activities

While every day is different for each child, each day follows a format that allows the child to make the most of their time in pre-school. An average day is usually planned out as follows with times depending on whether the child is in the morning or afternoon session:

Outdoor Play Area
The children can enjoy the newly purpose built secure outdoor play area as part of their daily routine. This purpose built soft surface play area has a variety and range of resources including a large boat and sand area, cars, picnic benches, seating and toys. There is also an area where children can sow seeds and water flowers to provide children with the opportunity for physical, social, emotional and language development and lots of fun!

Creativity and Exploration
The children are encouraged to explore various materials that appeal to the senses, allowing your child to experiment with new textures that they can examine, combine and used to create new experiences. Materials such as sand, water, play dough and paints are just some of the materials we use to stimulate their imaginations.

With dress up, home corner and the construction area, the children can enjoy creating their own games and characters with the choice of costumes in the dress up chest, play in the kitchen or use the toy tools in the construction chest. This provides the children with ample opportunity to use their imagination in their play together.

Art Area
Work tables are set up for painting, colouring, drawing and writing where the children can express themselves and have fun. With a wide selection of paints, crayons, pencils and markers, this area allows the children time to play by themselves or interact with others as they choose.

Books, Puzzles & Table Top Games
There is a wide variety of books, jigsaws, peg boards, puzzles and other games where the children can play together or alone and explore problem-solving or explore their creativity. There are also lots of toys that the children enjoy playing with, including the old favourites such as dolls and trucks, where they can create their own games to play by themselves or with others as they choose.

Group Activities
The children are encouraged to take part in group activities with all the children in their room. Singing, dancing, group games, band marching and musical instruments form just some group activities.