Testimonials from Parents

We love to get feedback from the parents of children who attend our pre-school, here’s just some of the feedback we’ve had from parents...

My wish when my daughter Robyn and son Max started Beaumont Preschool was that they would be happy and cared for and this truly was surpassed, as they both spent two very happy years here.  They we always excited to go to school and would come home with lovely stories to tell and songs to sign! Through the staffs guidance and activities, I watched my children's confidencee grow, and their important social skills develop, which helped so much when it came time to settling them into "big school".  I credit much of this development to the way they were cared for while attending Beaumont Preshool.  The level of care and dedication displyed by the staff are second to none and I cannot thank you enough for the wonderfull start to school life that you provided to my children.  November 2018.   Lisa Cullen  

We couldn’t have wished for better teachers, Liz and Yvonne are really special people. From the moment Ava walk into the classroom in Beaumont Community Pre-School she was made feel welcome and more than comfortable. Ava is a naturally shy girl who takes time to get used to new surroundings, however this was not the case in Beaumont Community Pre-School. After the first day she looked forward to every day that followed and ran through the door to her new found friends. There were so many highlights throughout the two years such as, year-end graduations, the teddy bears picnic, the Halloween and Christmas parties (Liz always a good sport dressing up J). An amazing surprise at the end of the year is the Memory Book which documents Ava’s journey throughout the year. This is something we treasure and will keep forever.   We are very grateful to the whole team at Beaumont Community Pre-School and are looking forward to our youngest daughter starting in January. Thanks so much for taking such good care of Ava. Kind regards Lynsey & Joe Tucker 2018.





"My son the eldest of four children, spent two years in Beaumont Pre-school between 2006 and 2008, followed three years later by his sister, and five years later by their twin sisters.  The twins are now due to start junior infants in September and after ten years our family must now say goodbye to Liz, Yvonne and the team at Beaumont Community Pre-school  All four children have cherished their time at the pre-school.  They have learnt not only the skills one could expect from pre-school (counting, songs, Irish etc.) but also the ever important social skills (taking turn, sitting when you are told etc.).  These acquireed skills have made starting primary school so much easier, by giving them confidence and the knowledge of what is expected of them, also by allowing them to make friends who have followed them throughout their school years, and they have done so in a fun, caring, educative and nurturing environment.  The staff at Beaumont Pre-school are dedicated dynamic, enthusastic, and most of all caring.  Our children are very attached to them, and the older ones still remember fondly their time at pre-school and love to pop in to say hi.  We are very grateful for the care our children received from the staff at the pre-school and wish them all the very best in the future.  June  2016.  Ann Comey

This September my child will start pre-school, I am very excitied as I know she will do very well because of the care and attention she will receive.  The staff are second to none and are always smiling. First days are difficult no matter how many children you have, however this year I dont think the first day will be difficult at all for us.  The staff are just lovely and provide regular updates on your child's progress.  I cannot thank the ladies enough for not only their hard work but their enthusiam. As a parent going to work each day, I can relax knowing my children are well looked after.    June 2016.  Aisling Dunne.

Beaumont Community Pre-school is a wonderful preschool with very personable and caring staff. Through the staff's guidance and structured activities I have watched my little girl's confidence and social skills grow.  Ava is very happy in Beaumont Pre-school and I cannot thank the staff enough for the wonderful experience they have provided to Ava.  June 2016.  Lorraine Ryan. 

Since Senan's first day at Beaumont Pre-school I have found the staff to be very approachable, professional, and welcoming to myself and my son.  Concerns and queries were always dealt with in timely fashion and reluctance to attend brought out their caring natures.  Attending Beaumont Pre-school has postively impacted on Senan's overall development particularly his social skills e.g. sharing and turn taking.  We will miss our time here and wish all the staff well.  June 2016. Eadaoin Clarke.

I cannot recommend Beaumont Community Pre-school enough.  Margaret, Yvonne, Liz and all the teachers have an amazing and caring relationship with every child.  I have had 2 children attending this pre-school and my third child is registered to attend in 2018. There are lots of fun activities and guests throughout the year and a beautiful scrap book presented at the end with all the fun things the children have done.  My son looks forward to going to pre-school every day.  I am extremely happy to send my children here to start them off on their learning journey.  If only all teachers were so nice!!!   June 2016.  Lynn McCardle. 


We cant say enough positive things about Beaumont Community Pre-school, knowing your child is happy and content in a secure, friendly and clean environment with wonderfully dedicated staff gives us great peace of mind.  Our daughter Kate always comes out with a smile on her face. Many thanks.  June 2016.  Tracey Stapleton.


My daughter Megan has attended Beaumont Pre-school since September 2015.  I would like to thoroughly recommend this pre-school.  Megan has enjoyed everyday in school and is encouraged daily to have a good time with all her friends.  Margaret, Michelle, Hilda and all the girls are extremely friendly, helpful and obliging and always greet the children with a warm welcome.  Megan has progressed so well this year and that is all thanks to their dedication, support and encouragement.  June 2016.  Sinead Bolger.

My daughter Elly has been attending Beaumont Community Pre-school for the past two years.  As my first child, I was nervous for how she would settle after being at home with me for three years.  However, to my delight she settled in brillantly due to the care and attention she received. She loves going every day however sadly will be finishing up this year for big school.  If I had my way I would love if she could stay here for all her education as she has formed a close bond with the staff.  The care and attention to all the children is without the best you could ever receive, hence my son will also be attending soon.  I cannot thank Margaret, Hilda and all the staff enough for the last two years.  I really hope you realise the great effect you have had on her and I will be forever greatful.  June 2016.  Nicola Fields.